What is Accent Reduction Coaching?

My name is Nicholas Gauci and I am an accent reduction coach based and practising in Central London. This includes sessions via Skype. This is an accent softening approach that helps you speak in English more clearly and effectively. There's no such thing as right or wrong accents, but learning to produce what is called 'Standard English' will help you to be more universally understood. Communication is key.
Stress and Rhythm

Nicholas Gauci

BSc (Hons), CELTA, Dip (Acting), Cambridge IPA (International Phonetics Association)



The assessment touches upon the key areas of English pronunciation that are often challenging to a non-native speaker. This initial service typically lasts just under an hour; it is free of charge via Skype and at a nominal fee in person. Enquiries or Initial Consultations over the phone or video chat are free of charge.
Using effective methods and exercises, you are quickly placed on the right track to clearer spoken English. This has a positive effect on your confidence and can boost your employment prospects in turn. These sessions will also sharpen your listening skills as pronunciation begins with listening.
"Walk" and "Work", "Fun" and "Fan", "Beach" and "B***H". Do you struggle to pronounce any of these words differently? Do you want to climb up the corporate ladder but you don't exactly blend in with your peers? Do you have confidence issues and hold back when expressing yourself in English? ​If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then I'm the one for you.

About me

Nicholas Gauci
Nicholas Gauci

Voice Artist & Accent Coach

I have voiced for a variety of projects, from radio ads for local stations to nature documentaries for the international market. In addition to acting and voice over, I am an accent coach (click here for further info in this regard). I love hearing from people, so look me up on FacebookTwitterLinkedin or Youtube. Or if you prefer, you can just email me on: gauci.nicholas@gmail.com.
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